Dicker Pulli Tag 2022

What a great indoor location for an outdoor event. Last Sunday I took part in the “Dicker Pulli Tag 2022” – an activity by students of fashion design, university Hannover, Germany. Great to see all the ambition and creative designs.

The outdoor event took place indoors caused by rainy weather in Lower Saxony. The day ended with a visit in great local brewery.

More pictures can be seen here on my project page grainpix.photo.

Meeting Andreas Pacha

Searching interesting stories on especially skilled artisans in Hannover, Germany, I discovered Andreas. The first direct contact to him has been created by a good friend. Andreas and me met about one month before the actual shooting of the essay. I learned a lot about his professional life as well as about his values and some private aspects.

The pictures have been created on January 12th 2022 in his shop while he took care of his final customer of the day. I decided to take the pictures on Kodak Porta 400 since this film stock delivers subdued colors and fine grain when exposed to ISO 400. Again this ISO speed gave me enough exposure latitude in order to work with available light. 

Story to find on my project page: http://grainpix.photo

in love

after their wedding amid the pandemic 2020, Marcelle and Dennis now spend a beautiful afternoon with me, shooting pictures in the Virginia state arboretum.

We had great fun and shooting was very relaxed. The day finally felt almost like a vacation. Thank you Marcelle & Dennis!


Walking the major shopping street in Winchester I saw Joseph sitting there. He was writing poems. I was captured by his his old-fashioned typewriter, his focused work and the dedication for his poems presenting them to his clients. 

After taking some “street style” pictures I decided to approach him. I simply wanted to get closer and just asked whether he would be fine with me taking pictures. Writing poetry is an intensive, very focused process.

It was interesting to learn that he invented a new sales channel for his poetry performing as “The Walking Mall Poet”. 

Full picture set on my project page: http://grainpix.photo

And of course I asked him to write a poem for me…

Xmas stereotype

Differentiation between stereotype and tradition might be difficult sometimes. Well, there was not so much of a search needed to see these beautiful decorated houses. A very nice tradition the Americans are famous for. Well done Winchester!

The vertical darkroom

Using the time at home might be a struggle. I decided to go analog. In my closet. Yes it eats your time – but this was the intention… Here is also the reason for this late post – almost half a year has passed by. As a proof I made a small clip to share. It really works!