#FMH17 Fotomarathon Hannover

Eine Nummer zu gross

Last year I participated the first time in a fotomarathon. This is an exhausting format “solving” 12 foto tasks within 12 hours of walking around the city.

Aus Liebe zum Detail
Graffiti Love

The pictures also had to be in the right sequence on the media (SD card or film). It was a tough and challenging day, but I learned a lot and enjoyed it very much.

Gear: Leica M6 / Summicron 50 / Ilford XP2 @EI400 (C41 processed)

Mit Kinderaugen
Aus der Reihe Getanzt
Irgendwas mit “L”
Millionen Farben

Here are the results of my work, I made it winning 4th place with my picture “Allein allein…”. 🙂

Allein Allein
Trau Dich doch mal was
Ich lass für Dich ein Licht an

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